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Achieve a remarkable, instant, natural healthy glow for your face and body without the nasty side effects of the sun's harsh rays. Added DHA-based bronzers for immediate and long lasting results. Non sticky non oily formula that is suitable for all skin types that absorbs and works rapidly to produce a vibrant exotic tan.

Full Body Spray Tan $45
Half Body Spray Tan $35

Pre Spray Tan Advice

Wax or shave 24hrs before the spray tan
Shower and exfoliate prior to the spray tan to remove dead skin cells and other product residue

Do not apply moisturisers, body butters or oils to your skin Wear loose and dark clothes, also wear loose shoes or flip flops

Do not wear deodorant, lotions or perfumes before or after the spray tan

Post Spray Tan Advice

Do not touch your body while your spray tan is drying
Avoid activities that make you sweat

After the developing period has passed, shower using warm water ONLY, pat yourself dry no scrubbing

Avoid chlorinated pools, long baths and exposure to salt water Moisturise skin daily